Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and all brides want their wedding to go off without a hitch. There are several common wedding mistakes that brides make that cause them unwanted stress. Here are a few tips that you should not forget, to help your wedding day go smoothly.

Plan ahead – Don’t procrastinate
There are so many things that need to be done when planning your wedding. Sit down and create an wedding calendar. Prioritize your to do list. Don’t wait until the last minute to order your dress, book your vendors. Order your wedding invitations online and send them out in a timely manner. The more time that you allow yourself the better saving you can find and the less stress you will have.

Don’t hire the first vendor you meet – Interview your vendors
Take the time to interview all of your vendors and ask for references or to see prior work. Ask if they have a back up plan in the case of a unlikely event occurs. When hiring a photographer be sure to ask to see a complete album of a wedding in the same style of book you are ordering. Also, consider your personalities when hiring your vendors, make sure your personalities match.

Don’t leave your other half out of the wedding planning
Although, most men leave the wedding planning to the bride to be, you should sit sown with him to find out what if anything he wants to happen or not happen during the ceremonies. Be sure you are both clear on what the other wants and do not want at each ceremony. You do not want to have your DJ or MC call for all single men to the floor for the guitar toss and your groom does not want to participate. This will make the wedding special for both of you.

Don’t over spend – Create a budget
Spend your money wisely. Create a budget that you and your families can afford and stick with it. You can have your dream wedding on a budget if you plan well. Consider your budget before you start planning and buying items for your wedding. Don’t invite too many guest, keep in mind the more guest you invite the more the larger your catering bill will be.

Don’t be you own wedding planner
One of the biggest mistake brides make is trying to do it all themselves. On your wedding day you should be relaxing, enjoying and preparing for the ceremonies. Not running around stressing about the decorations and if each vendor is on time. In your budget allow funds for you to invest in a wedding planner for the day of your wedding. This will allow you to distress and entrust your wedding planner with all the details so you can enjoy your day.

You will be able to enjoy your wedding with a well thought out plan and the help of your professional vendors. Preplan with you wedding planner and vendors a few days before the wedding to avoid the common wedding mistakes.