Want A Better Climb?

So you’re in the market for the right mountain climbing shoes for you. Here you will find some things to consider and a few tips to ensure you get the best shoes for you.

Mountain climbing is a pretty generic term for several different activities that involve hiking in mountain regions. You will have to narrow down the type activity you plan to do in order to select the appropriate mountain climbing boot. As an example, if you are planning to use your everyday hiking shoes for wintertime rock climbing, you will probably find they are not stable enough and do not help your balance on slippery slopes.

Unquestionably, one of the most unpleasant experiences is to climb with a pair of soggy shoes and socks. Wet shoes and socks usually make your feet cold, and cold feet will make your whole body cold. For this reason climbing shoes must always be waterproof.

When it comes to securing your climbing boots to your feet you want to pay attention to the laces. You want to be certain you will be able to tie your shoes quickly and easily. You want the laces to stay tied also. And you want your laces to be made of a durable material because you will be in remote areas with unforgiving terrain.

In the old days rock climbing shoes were thick, clunky and heavy. Today you can find lightweight mountain climbing shoes that feel like you are wearing your bedroom slippers. The less your hiking shoes weigh the easier your climb will be.

Wearing a pair of climbing shoes that do not fit properly can easily be the cause of a lot of discomfort. And can lead to serious complications and injury. Always take your time to choose a mountain climbing boot that best fits you. Sometimes this can be a long process, most people have two feet that vary in size and width from each other. Remember, the time you spend choosing the best boot for you is time keeping you on the trail later.

Always try to wear the socks you will be climbing in when you are shopping for the right sized boot. If you plan to wear thick socks or two pair of socks shop with the same socks you will wear climbing. You will probably find that you need a larger pair of mountain climbing boots to prevent discomfort later.

The absolute most important tip is to test, test, and test. Once you have found some mountain climbing shoes you are interested in you need to put them to the test. Put them on, just like you will when climbing, and then go walk around a bit. Ask yourself if you are able to walk comfortably. Try to find a hill to walk up and down and traverse across. Are your feet still comfortable? If your answer is yes, you have probably found the mountain climbing shoe for you.